Silm work light

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WL15 is  a 2 in 1 slim work light.

◆ 164-millimeter length , and 80 gram weight (without battery) Magnet tail to work with free hand .


◆ The slim work light have spot light and flood light, Long press button can switch to other function.


◆ Spot light has 2 modes High and low,Maximum brightness up to 200 lumens,max run time is 10 hours


◆ Flood light has 3 modes:High-middle-low,Maximum brightness up to 500 lumen ,max run time is 8 hours.


◆ This light is designed for maintenance lighting,spot light can light up for the narrow place,flood light for long time working to make eyes comfortable. 

Of course,We also can use for similar working.



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