USB Rechargeable Focus Headlamp

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USB Rechargeable Focus Headlamp

◆ This is a USB rechargeable Focus headlamp,with USB direct charge battery cabinet to balance the weight 

◆ With adjustable hypoallergenic headband and helmet hook,easy to wear or fix with helmet.

◆ Adjusted by 120° rotation,It is convenient for users to adjust the lighting angle.

◆ This headlamp has 5 modes: low  - mid  - high  - Strobe -SOS;Pressing the switch for 3 seconds to enter :Strobe and SOS. Maximum brightness up to 900 lumens,the max run time is 5.5 hours.

◆ Using 18650 li-ion battery,The battery cabinet has a USB hole,The indicator light is red when charging,  full charged the light turn to green

◆IP65 and can prevent 2 meter water

◆ widely used for everyday lighting, maintenance lighting and some emergency lighting.


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