3AAA Tactical head lamp

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3AAA Tactical head lamp

◆ This is a compact, highlight dry battery headlamp.

◆ Adjustable hypoallergenic headband and helmet hook for easy wearing or wearing a helmet.

◆ Can adjust 120° rotation,Easy to adjust lighting angle.

◆ Tap the switch to change between 4 modes:Low - middle - highlight - Max;Pressing the switch for 3 seconds to enter :Strobe and  SOS. Maximum brightness up to 380 lumens,max run time is 40 hours.

◆ Use dry battery cabinet, work by 3 AAA dry batteries, Easy to use.

◆ IP68 waterproof design and can prevent water depth of 2 meters. High brightness, can work underwater.

◆ Widely used in power grids, railways, electrical and mechanical maintenance and other workplaces.


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