Wide-angle illuminated super bright flashlight

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B400 is a wide-angle illuminated super bright flashlight.

◆ The size of Length 152 mm, weight 426 g (without battery),Equipped with a beautiful waist bag for easy carrying.

◆ Flashlight with 4 Cree LED bulbs,Tap the switch to switch between 4 normal brightness modes:Weak light - faint light - low light - medium light;Long press the switch to enter the hidden mode:Highlight - glare - strobe - SOS,Strong light up to 12000 lumens,Irradiation distance up to 346 meters,weak light run time up to 33 hours.

◆ The flashlight is powered by four 18650 power lithium batteries,and It comes with a DC charging jack,Plug the charging cable to charge,Hand barrel body with battery indicator light display, real-time observation of battery.

◆ The flashlight supports IP67 waterproof design and can be waterproofed to a depth of 1 meters.

◆ Flashlight barrel body with fixed screw hole,Can be used with a tripod,fixed lighting use,Used for a wide range of lighting.

◆ Flashlights are widely used in search and rescue lighting, security lighting, large industrial and architectural patrol lighting.



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